Hi! So glad you’ve stopped by.  My name is Windy and I created this blog to journal our homeschooling process- the good and the bad.  You can read about why we’ve chosen to homeschool our kids, the struggle it’s been to homeschool, and where my personal walk with God has taken me (a long, winding path with multiple detours and stops).

The main purpose of this blog is to encourage you- encourage you to follow God’s calling for your life.  This blog started with God’s calling for our family’s life but it’s turned in to so much more.  I want to encourage you when the days are tough and never ending.  To encourage you to keep pushing forward, even when life feels overwhelming. To be real.

Don’t let the name website name fool you, it IS about homeschooling too (just not as much as I had intended).  You’ll find tidbits of awesomeness from some of my friends and some things I’ve found that work for us!

Please look around and feel free to comment and share!


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