Where’s God When We’re Dealing with Problems

Where’s God When We’re Dealing with Problems?


Lately I’ve had some issues going on.  I’ve had them before and allowed them to take over my life.  When this issue first came up a couple of years ago, I allowed it to confine me to my bed, confine me to my home, and illicit loads and loads of tears.  And when I tell you that there were loads and loads of tears, I mean it.  I couldn’t go an hour without crying about this situation.  It felt hopeless, like my life as I knew it was officially over.  Like God left me- saw my suffering and turned His back.  My rational brain repeatedly tried to convince me otherwise, but that little voice of doubt won out each time.  Although I’ve vowed to not let myself throw a fantastical pity party this time, it’s still hard to keep reminding myself that He’s with me more in the valleys than He is on the mountain. His presence is stronger during my suffering than at any other time.

While scrolling through my Facebook today, I ran across a picture from a page called Choose Goodness (great job Heather).  Choose Goodness posts different memes, inspirational quotes, and motivates us to remember that we *can* choose happiness and being kind to others no matter where we are in life.  Today, that sweet little Miss Goodness snapped and posted a picture that slapped me in the face.

dealing with problems

Holy Cow! Talk about life changing! My struggle is real.  My struggle is difficult.  But in no way does my struggle even compare to the struggle faced by one who was in a cellar, facing certain death during the Holocaust.  When I read this, I realized that its not only heartbreaking when you think of what the Jewish community endured, but it’s also sad on a much deeper level.

I had to really look at this because I believe in the sun.  I can see it.  I can feel it’s rays on my skin, warming it.  I can and have believed in love when it was no where to be found.  But have I always believed God was there when He was silent? Sadly, the answer is no.  Often, we as Christians, are quick to question God’s presence when we are in the valleys.  To us, His silence equates to His absence.  We doubt that He’s still standing beside us.  We doubt He remembers our name.  We face struggles in our marriages, finances, friendships, and with our children and we question God’s presence and His commitment to us.  We face struggles that are no where near the depth of the struggle faced by the person that wrote this during their darkest days.

The person that scrawled these beautiful words would’ve given anything to have traded places with us, to have traded problems with us.  If this person can have such faith, even in the face of such evil and horror, then surely we can face our struggles with the empowerment that knowing our Savior is standing beside us.

So, if you’re reading this I want you to remember that if the person that wrote this could write such truly eloquent and truthful words during such a time when it must’ve felt like God had actually forsaken him, then surely we can remember it during the tiny valleys.  We can realize that, even though He’s silent, He’s not nonexistent and there is a difference.

It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed. *Deuteronomy 31:8*

Are there times you found it hard to believe God was with you during your struggles? Have you felt forsaken or left behind? How did you overcome those feelings?

Love to all!

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