Preemptive Strike Against Boredom

Ok, how awesome is my friend Melanie (over at Antiquated Notations)?  Melanie is one of those women who’s SUPER DUPER TALENTED!  Not only is she an awesome photographer (check out her work at Three Strands Creative), but she’s also awesome at graphic design.


Mel has prepared a jpeg counteracting the “I’m so bored” cries from our children.  Maybe someone should remind them that we CAN go back to doing school work…..  Anyway, Mel created this picture so that moms with kids like ours could print it out and hang it on the fridge.  When our kids are bellowing about boredom, we can kindly and politely direct them to this picture.  Hopefully it will spark some creativity or expanded reading lists this summer.

Visit Mel’s website to download a higher resolution version of this awesome printable!





So how do you banish boredom in your home during the summer? Arts and Crafts? Vacation Bible School (at every church in a 30 mile  radius)? Or do you send them outside and dare them to come back in before dinner? Let me know how you handle boredom with your kids!

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